10 April 2011

INVINCIBLE SUMMER #13 [by Nicole Georges]

When I introduce a friend to the world of zines, I generally lend them a copy of Invincible Summer.  To me, Nicole's zines are perfectly digestible.  They are filled with great comics, touching stories, sweet images of animals, and vegan recipes. 

Issue 13 of Invincible Summer is more of a heartbreak than others I have read.  In addition to a difficult break-up and a bad roommate, it describes a terrible tooth surgery that Nicole had to endure.  In one drawing, she is standing in the kitchen trying to eat a cracker with her toothache and her poor face screams with pain. 

This zine covers about a year and a half of her life, so it's not all bad.  In fact, it does a very good job of showing how bad things have the reliable tendency of slowly but surely transforming into good things. 

To learn more about Nicole's gorgeous art or to order your own zines and crafts from her, please visit her website.