09 May 2011


I might just be in a grumpy mood right now, but I hate it when zinesters don't put their name in their zine.  You're going to write a zine and send it across the globe but you don't want anyone to know you wrote it?  C'mon now!

Anyway, issue number four of I Hate This Part of Texas was the first issue I read of this zine.  I immediately fell in love with the zinester's lyrical writing and his images of skeletons riding bicycles.  This issue includes an interesting article on the bicycle shop that he worked at called Plan B, which was also run as a community centre of sorts. 

Like his following issue, this one reads as a love song to New Orleans.  Although he and his contributors describe the city as a pretty scary hell-hole, they all agree that it is the greatest place to be.  I think romanticism plays a larger role than sincerity in these opinions. 

Overall, I definitely recommend I Hate This Part of Texas.  It is well written and is a delight to look at with its great images and type-written pages.  To get your hands on this zine, go to Microcosm.