29 April 2011


My friend Chris Kiss sent me a copy of About My Disappearance #2 along with an awesome letter and a copy of his own zine.  After reading the letter and Chris's zine, I opened About My Disappearance #2.  It was about Dave's experiences having Crohn's disease, which is an inflamed bowel disease. 

When I discovered that this zine was about Crohn's, I felt very happy that not only did I now have a zine by someone who has a similar chronic illness that I have (I have Ulcerative Colitis, another form of inflamed bowel disease) but I had a friend as thoughtful and considerate as Chris in my life who would give me a copy of this zine.

I saw a lot of myself in Dave's zine---the sacrifices you have to make to accommodate your pain; the limits that a chronic illness place on social relationships; the fear of eating that comes with a bowel disease; and the amount of planning and thinking that goes into preparing to travel with a bowel disease.  Like the best kind of zine, About My Disappearance #2 made me feel less alone in the world.

In addition to being a great story about a few very difficult years in Dave's life, this zine is refreshing because it is well-written: no spelling mistakes, good grammar and good word choice.  So far, too many of the zines I've been reading have been a horrible offence to the English language (which I love like a cherished Grandmum) and Dave's care of the written word and language is welcome in the North American zine world.

To order a copy of About My Disappearance #2 or any other of Dave's zines, go to Microcosm Publishing.