11 April 2011

LARCENY 26 [by Shaun]

In Larceny 26, Shaun is not nearly as bitter as in his earlier zines.  Instead, he is in a more forgiving and thoughtful mood. 

The best feature of this issue of Larceny is Shaun's article about sexual consent in gay sex.  Consent is a more common topic for female feminist writers, so it is refreshing to read the topic covered by a gay male.  Sex between two men has a distinct dynamic that is different than between two women or between a man and a woman.  Shaun covers this topic very well and even includes three important rules for every gay man to bring to the table to protect his body and rights during sexual acts with another man. 

Another great article in this issue is about the violence that society freely allows toward gay visibility in public.  Shaun finally responds to this oppression with good old punk anger: "but until the day that no queer has to fear simply because of who they are, the message is loud and clear: IF IT ISN'T HETEROSEXUAL, THEN IT ISN'T "REAL"**IT IS INVALID**IT IS SHIT, AND WE DON'T WANT TO SEE OR THINK ABOUT IT. ....SO LET'S GIVE A BIG STRAIGHT PAT ON THE BACK TO THE "SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE".  FUCK THAT."

Oh, Shaun, you're awesome.