28 April 2011

DORIS 25 [by Cindy Crabb]

Doris 25 is much less political than the other issue of Doris that I own.  Issue 25 is more thoughtful and allows an insight into Cindy's dreams, life goals and struggles. 

I really like the format of this issue.  Each article is opened with a question from a reader, which gives Cindy the opportunity to write in her conversational tone that is her specialty.  The topics she covers are also very interesting.  She has a good story about her discovery of anarchism that includes a great recommended reading list, which I know because I have read most of the titles on her list. 

Issue 25 ends with an article about Cindy's relationship to drinking alcohol that is noteworthy because it shows her very gentle yet stubborn approach to making peace with it.  She eventually joins a mutual support group for alcoholics and I hope she has continued to attend those meetings because they are founded upon some great anarchist principles that I am certain she would love. 

For a copy of this zine, visit Cindy's website.