13 April 2011

MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE [by Gordon B. Isnor & Christopher C. Yorke]

Meet Me in the Middle is a quarter-size poetry zine that is very well designed.  Its content is a ten-part poem that shuffles some of the same lines repeatedly throughout, creating different scenes with similar imagery.  For me, some of the lines stood out above others because they were very sexually direct and evoked some of those awkward feelings you have when you find yourself in a sexual situation that either you or your partner didn't necessarily want to be in.

On the last page of Meet Me in the Middle, it notes that "The preceding poems were generated by the authors using their Mindlist(tm) application."  Generally, I love zines because they are print media and are accessible to all people.  However, with this zine, I think you might need a computer to fully understand its implications as a commentary on technology, media and art.  I checked out the Mindlist(tm) application and it basically generates short poems from a list of phrases that you add to a list.  So, Meet Me in the Middle is an example of where print media can meet technology.  It is a randomly generated collection of poems from the ordered mind of its authors.  I believe that the authors play with this idea by choosing to place an ouroboros on the zine cover and at the zine's centre, suggesting that the poetry is regenerative and can keep getting shuffled to create ever new ideas and images.

Meet Me in the Middle came from Montréal.  It does not include any contact information for you to order a copy, but, if it interests you, email me and I will get you in touch with the author.