19 April 2011

GREEN ZINE 14 [by Cristy C. Road]

When I grabbed this copy of Greenzine from my friend Becky's zine collection before she moved to Tunisia, I was beyond excited to read a zine by an artist whose work I adored.  Cristy's images are inspiring and beautiful, filled with political meaning and all shades of love. 

When I opened Greenzine 14 to read it, I was surprised to find it very text heavy with only a few images.  It's like when you're a kid and your babysitter brings over a storybook and it's full of words with only a couple of pictures.  In other words, disappointing.  What is worse is that this zine is long and majorly depressing.  It's full of sexual victimization, racial discrimination, difficult protests, harsh familial relationships, poor mental health and lots of booze and drugs.  As I read each story and flipped over each page, I kept waiting for the zinester to rise up from all of her pain and crying---but it never happened.

On a positive note, however, this zine does show how a strong and supportive community can help an individual become more self-aware.