05 April 2011

YOGA MOVES FOR DUDES #1 [by J.G. Sookocheff]

In Yoga Moves for Dudes, J.G. cleverly combines photos from an 80s Richard Simmons record album with a complete series of yoga moves.  At first, I expected this zine to be a joke, especially since it advertises 'yoga for dudes.'  However, it offers yoga in all seriousness to a straight-male audience.  It provides clearly described poses scattered with quotations from yoga ancients and gurus.  Overall, it is a unique zine that does a great job of bringing together humour with instruction.

To see if you can get a copy of Yoga Moves for Dudes, try emailing yogamovesfordudes@gmail.com (I bought this zine a number of years ago, so I don't know how active this account might be these days).