18 March 2011

I HATE THIS PART OF TEXAS 5 [by John Gerken]

In the introduction to I Hate This Part of Texas 5, John refers to the flood in New Orleans, but the zine itself is not about that disaster.  However, it is very much about New Orleans, its culture and the distinct people who live there.  In one article, though, the city is described as a war zone.  John describes drive-by shootings and attacks.  He expresses his self-awareness of mortality in the face of these every-day types of violence; he calls it 'fragility.' 

The rest of this issue covers topics from the state of American health care to gender politics to bike politics.  I like John's poetic writing.  He makes any topic more inviting by his sensitive style.  In addition, some of John's friends contribute articles and drawings and they definitely add to the zine's charm.

I will finally mention that John is a self-identified queer zinester.  I only note this because it makes me beyond happy to include him among my team of queer heroes and crushes.  A queer zinester who writes about fixing bikes, hanging out with punks at drag shows, teaching kids, and doing yoga ... swoon.