30 March 2011

SOUND MIND [by The Sound Mind Collective]

I was introduced to the Sound Mind Collective at the first Ravenswing Indie Night back in December 2006.  They performed an amazing set of music and brought with them not only a stack of zines but a ton of fans and friends.

Since then, they have been regulars at Ravenswing, more lately performing as The Uncles.  Their zine, Sound Mind, is a time capsule of Carleton-University-student mayhem.  As a zine, the formatting is full of cut-n-paste backgrounds, which are great.  Most of the articles poke fun at hipsters and are self-conscious and ironic.  Its best feature, though, are the shwarma restaurant reviews.

I collected my Sound Mind zines over the period of a couple of years.  Reading them together from issues one to five is interesting because they show how more and more people got interested and contributed to it as time went on.  The later issues provide a much richer product as they developed a larger audience and collective.