19 March 2011


Sleeps With Ghosts 1 is an honest exploration of one young woman's sexuality.  With a confessional style, this zine moves between stories about emotional attachments, sexual experiences, and experimentations with more marginal sexual expressions.

As I read Sleeps With Ghosts 1, I felt like I was sitting in a quiet setting being told secrets.  Throughout the zine, the zinester shows an awareness of the reader, a certain sensitivity that the reader might be offended or shocked.  This apprehension creates a very timid voice, which works in her favour.  In fact, for me, what makes this zine so special is that the bold content is in stark contrast to the delicate voice of the writer.

In her introduction, the zinester does advise that the content is explicit and warns that, with topics like self harm, rape and sexual preferences, it could trigger some readers.  However, if you are able to read and learn more about these topics, I definitely recommend that you seek out a copy of this zine.

For copies of zines by AF, please see her shopping page on Etsy.