25 March 2011


When I tabled at zine fairs, this issue of Slightly More Than ... Soundbytes flew off the table.  I even had one young woman buy four copies for all of her friends.  What made it popular was its great cover: a woman holding an electric drill as if it was a weapon with the words "Femmes use power tools too!" written beneath it.  Classic.

For me, this issue of Jess's zine is my favourite.  Its content changes from the style in her earlier issues of random snippets into a series of thoughtful stories.  The zine begins with an amazing tale of her experiences at summer camp and the sexy camp counselor who led her to salvation.  Mixed into the story is the confusion of a young girl's sexuality as her same-sex attractions contradict the expectations of her gender and society. 

In addition to a tribute to Janis Joplin (who is also one of my idols), this issue includes a critical and important discussion of women reclaiming anger.  I love this article.  It hits on every key point on this issue and makes you feel empowered to fight back instead of crawling under a rock, whimpering.

All in all, definitely judge this zine by its cover.  It rocks!