20 March 2011


For over twenty years, I belonged to organized social circles and the number one key rule was do not gossip.  In every activist and community group I have belonged to since, I have always followed this essential rule.  In Security Culture, the message is the same.  This zine educates activists in the importance of maintaining mutual respect and privacy as a means to protect each other from informants and infiltrators. 

One main feature of Security Culture that I really appreciated is that it covers Canadian politics.  I find that too many zines on politics and activism are American, as if the United States are the centre of the world.  Security Culture not only refers to Canadian protests and the FLQ, but it also discusses Canadian state-security agencies and the types of dirty business that they drop on today's ground-level activists. 

I recommend Security Culture to every Canadian activist, from the teenager who volunteers at the Humane Society to the adult who organizes anti-globalization protests.  For more information on security for activists, go to http://security.resist.ca/.