15 March 2011

STRIKING DISTANCE #1 [by Chris Landry]

Like a good book, a good zine gets better on the second and third read.  Striking Distance is that kind of zine.  Upon the first read, I enjoyed Chris' thoughtful style and his descriptions that immediately pull you into his mood.  Upon further reads, I was able to appreciate the way he carefully presents his stories, crafts them so that they tell a larger story about a young man on the edge of transition, challenged by loneliness, and surrounded by his peers who both alienate and embrace him.

I look forward to more editions of Striking Distance.  In addition to its rewarding content, its style is everything I love in a zine: typewriter font, cut-and-paste images and backgrounds, and drawings.

If you also like Striking Distance, be sure to read Chris' earlier punk fanzine, Kiss Off.