29 March 2011

LICKETY SPLIT 3 [ed. Amber Goodwyn]

Lickety Split is not for romantics.  It is essentially hipster smut with a strong slant towards heterosex and lesbians.  So, I would add, it's not for gay men either.

Much of the writing in the third issue of Lickety Split is disjointed, scattered and hard to follow.  However, one piece stands out entitled C is for Camaro by Natasha L.  What makes it unique is that it reads like a hot piece of trashy hetero 50s porn with a slick dude and a horny girl.  However, as the story unfolds and we get to the sex scene in the bathroom of a movie theatre, the slick dude is described as having a vagina and the whole thing explodes into a gender f**k.  I like subversion.

To this zine's merit, it provides quality art and photography.  And, as much as straight and lesbo hipster smut is the farthest thing from my sexual tastes, I would still quickly pick up a new issue because it is the type of zine that is trying to set a new standard amongst its peers.