16 March 2011


The main unique feature of The Johann Liberation Army is that it is a short screenplay.  Its other unique features are its play with the idea of an emotional suicide bombing; its experimentation with form; and its commentary on sex and love in society, especially as it affects a man.

When you buy this zine, it comes in a manila envelope with a script and two photos inside.  The photos are snapshots from the script, which I found delightful -- like a prize in a cereal box.  The script follows the dialogue and stories of two men as they struggle with the ends of their romantic relationships.  The stories are very focused on these two men, with an almost too narrow emphasis on their angst.  As the kind of reader who revels in the complexities of women's lives in fiction, I missed seeing more of the drama of the lesbian secondary character, of her angst with falling out of love with the main character for another woman.

However, that said, I did appreciate that the script's narrow focus on the two men allowed for a study of clear themes along with a tight narrative.  One of the aspects of Adam's fiction that I always like is that he depicts emotional men who have these sensitive, bleeding hearts.  If you're sick of reading about careless, cruel men, definitely seek out some of Adam's writings, such as his self-published collection of short stories We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine.

For copies of Adam's zine or book, contact him at mail@40wattspotlight.com.